About us

Eastwood Precious Metals ltd was born from the idea of supplying the client with a fully tailored personal service.
Where the customer is put first.
Where we can provide what the client really wants, instead of just what is in the shop window.
Discovering the right piece, as opposed to making do with whats there.
Doing so in a safe and secure, unhurried environment.
with designated parking and appointments to suit the needs of the client
We are capable of commissioning the perfect piece, manufactured in the precious metal required.
Only the best certificated hand picked stones, from across the globe.
The only limits are, your imagination and the laws of physics and engineering
We do hold stock at the Gallery, Inspirational and some vintage piece's.
Along side investment piece's.
One pledge we make is that
Be it a simple silver chain, to the work of Karl Faberge
Every customer will receive our very best service.
Come join us at the Gallery. Where inspiration can become reality.

It is our aim to provide, not only high quality bespoke jewellery but give you the best jewellery buying experience ever. Browse through our website or
Book an appointment at the gallery, we are open late most evenings. Though we do ask you to book before 1.30 pm if you wish to come that evening. Designated parking will be provided.
Once here you can discuss your requirements over refreshments, with your personal Jeweller. Allowing you time to consider and decide in making that truly special purchase.

The office hours are 10am - 5.pm. with flexible appointments from 10am till early evening, including weekends.